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December 06, 2021 08:24:04

CloudTk Version 1.0.10

CloudTk is based on WebSockit2me - a TCP to WebSocket gateway that uses a noVNC to display Tk applications in modern Web Browser. It runs on Linux and requires Xvnc(TigerVNC) server and the matchbox window manager to be loaded. Tk applications are listed on a web page. TclHttpd dynamically launches an Xdisplay via Xvnc and then starts a matchbox window manager and launches the Tk application.

TclHttpd is a pure Tcl implementation of a Web server. CloudTk is packaged for easy deployment as a Starkit. Just download 2 files and you're ready to go.

Some of the features include:


Quick Start Guide

Point your browser to http://<<Your IP Address>>:8015/



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